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Fuego Flame Zero Clearance Fireplace Details
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The Fuego Flame
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 ~ How It Works ~
Fuego Flame Fireplaces are manufactured in a small town in Iowa, built by a team of people who care about quality.
Zero Clearance
See-Through Zero Clearance
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High Efficiency
The key to a Fuego Flame's efficiency lies in the unique design and adjustable damper that provides the proper air-flow without the use of noisy and expensive blowers. With the damper 95% closed, the air flow is controlled to  provide ultimate burning conditions reaching heat levels between 900 and 1200 degrees. With the ceramic glass doors closed, this clean wood burning fireplace reduces smoke emissions and helps you save on fuel... You burn less wood, spend less time 'fetchin,' remove ashes less frequently and pay lower fuel bills.
Dual Fuel
Dual fuel and convertible... the Fuego Flame Fireplaces can burn wood or they can be converted to gas burning. For ease of starting your fire, it can be used easily with a gas starter.
Fuego Flame Fireplace Inserts are highly efficient and have the flexibility to flush mount or be recessed and fit most fireplace openings...
Natural Convection
With your comfort in mind, Fuego Flame's engineers designed the fireplace for optimum operation for the highest heat output without the use of electricity. The Fuego Flame Insert's natural convection design puts the heat in the room where it belongs.
"When the power goes out you don't have to worry about heat. The Fuego produces powerful heat with no electricity."
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The Fuego Flame difference...
The Fuego Flame Fireplace uses only one third the wood compared to conventional fireplaces, provides up to 50,000 BTU's per hour of heat, and returns up to 250 cubic feet per minute of heat through its built-in natural convection system. There is no need for electricity. When its flue is closed up to 95%, little or no heat is lost up the chimney. All the heat goes into your room. 
The Fuego Flame Fireplace's positive flue connection sealing plate ensures a tight seal and prevents dirt and smoke from re-entering the firebox. It uses minimal air consumption similar to an air tight stove. Uses less air in one day than a conventional fireplace uses in an hour.
Fuego Flame Fireplaces
The Fuego Flame
Zero Clearance Fireplace

 ~ How It Works ~
The Fuego Flame
Zero Clearance Fireplace

 ~ How It Works ~
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The decorative gold accents are 24 Karat gold plated to withstand the  high heat output. The "cool to the touch" wood handles come natural so that they can be painted black or stained to match your decor.
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