Fuego Flame prides itself on offering one of the most fuel efficient and high heat producing fireplaces on the market.
The key to a Fuego's efficiency lies in the adjustable damper and fireplace design that provides the proper air-flow without the use of noisy and expensive blowers. Air flow is controlled to provide ultimate burning conditions. The Fuego engineers designed the fireplace for optimum operation without the use of electricity. The Fuego Flame's natural convection blower circulates heat at up to 250 cfm - the highest heat output on the market with or without a blower.
When operated properly, the Fuego can burn with the damper 95% closed allowing little or no heat to escape up the chimney. With the ceramic glass doors closed, this clean wood burning fireplace reduces smoke emissions and helps save on fuel making it one of the most environmentally friendly wood burning units in the world.
The unique handcrafted open air vent design and damper control delivers up to 50,000 BTU's per hour while allowing you to enjoy a large viewing area and heat delivery of up to 3,000 square feet of living space. The fireplace itself will reach temperatures between 900 and 1200 degrees farenheit.
To ensure quality and long-life, all Fuego Flame products are hand welded.  They are made from heavy duty 12 gauge steel, much thicker than the typical 18 to 21 gauge steel used in similar products.
These fireplaces offer one of the largest viewing areas available on the market and have the unique ability to burn either gas or wood, depending on your preference at set up.
One Man's Story:
         In the early to mid 1970s, there was an energy crisis of sorts. Heating costs were going up, there were long lines at the gas stations, and everyone was looking for ways to cut fuel usage. Ron Phillips of ActionFireplace.com - an authorized Fuego Flame dealer and distributor - had already started selling and installing various brands of fireplace inserts and free-standing wood burning stoves. He had even tried a few of them in his own home.
        The turning point for him came in 1978. At that time Ron and his family lived in a big, old, drafty two-story house. At that time, the house was heated by a very inefficient gravity-driven coal furnace that had been converted to gas. The heating bill for October-November of 1978 was over $200. That's a lot of money even today; in 1978 it seemed astronomical. At that time, Ron decided to take out the fireplace insert he had installed earlier that same year, and he installed a El Fuego Fuego III woodburning fireplace insert into his home. He and his family kept the fire burning when they were at home, and the following months saw heating bills of less than $100 per month.
        Ron was astonished and very pleased at the difference in his heating bills. He was sold on the efficiency and beauty of the Fuego III fireplace insert, especially when compared to results of the other inserts he had tried. While the other brands were not negligible in their heat output, he was so impressed by the performance of the Fuego III that from that time did not sell any other brand of fireplace insert.
        The Fuego III fireplace insert was manufactured by El Fuego Fireplaces. That company closed its doors many years ago, and Fuego Flame Fireplaces took over the manufacture of these impressive fireplaces. The El Fuego underwent some minor improvements, changed its name to Fuego Flame, and has proved to be consistently durable, reliable, incredibly heat efficient and beautiful over the years.
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   Stormy weather conditions during the winter months can cause unexpected power losses no matter where you live - in or out of the city. Many fireplaces rely on electric fans to distribute heat back into the home, but Fuego Flame fireplaces produce high heat and efficiency (up to 50,000 BTUs) without Electricity.
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In case of an emergency, when the power lines are down, you can enjoy Abundant Heat with the Wood- or Gas- burning
Fuego Flame Fireplace.
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