Fuego Flame Insert Sizing
The Fuego Flame is built with a scientifically designed, natural convection blower, circulating 200-300 cubic feet of heated air per minute.
   Available in four sizes and possesing one of the largest viewing areas of any fireplace on the market, The Fuego Flame dual-fuel insert is extremely popular and can adapt to virtually any existing fireplace.
   These fireplaces can be set up to burn wood OR gas, although our preference is wood. My family has had Fuego Flame Fireplaces in our homes since 1978, and the performance from the start was so impressive that, when given the option, none of us have ever bought another fireplace brand.
   The Fuego Flame Fireplace has a scientifically designed, patented, natural convection blower system which returns up to 250 CFM's (more than most standard electric blowers) and up to 50,000 BTU's of heat per hour.
   These inserts have a unique sealing plate that provides an almost airtight fit. In addition, the special smoke catching collar sends all of the smoke out, while keeping the heat in. Unbelievably, the fireplace is operated with the damper 95% closed making it the most efficient insert on the market.
   Because of the airtight installation of the sealing plate and the damper operated at up to 95% closed, while burning wood you get these benefits:
   ~ Up to 50,000 BTU's/Hr of heat;
   ~ Up to 250 CFM's of heat returned by our built-in natural (non-electric) convection blower system;
~ Air consumption as little as most air-tight stoves;
~ 1/3 of the wood consumption;
~ 1/3 of the ashes;
~ 1/3 of the trips to the wood pile;
~ The freedom of going to bed knowing that the damper is almost totally closed.
~ Peace of mind by knowing that in the event of a power failure your home will still have an efficient, reliable heat source.
   All Fuego Flame Fireplaces are tested to ANSI/UL 127 & HUD specifications, are exempt from EPA Emission requirements, and come with a ''20-year Limited Warranty and Replacement Plan''. These fireplace inserts are tested and approved to UL 917 for use in all masonry fireplaces built in accordance with the Uniform Building Code. Contact your local building or fire officials about restrictions and installation inspection in your area.
   In my opinion, the competitively priced Fuego Flame fireplaces are top-of-the-line in manufactured fireplaces for quality, durability and performance; they have all of the perks and, because of their unique design, more benefits and fewer drawbacks than regular fireplaces.

        ~ Jenyfer Simmerman
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Versatile Fireplaces ~ With a Fuego Flame Fireplace Insert, you can maintain your fireplace's beauty and improve its heat efficiency. The Fuego Flame Fireplace Inserts are available in four different sizes that install recessed or flush with the front of your existing masonry fireplace. They fit in most standard fireplaces, arched fireplaces, stone fireplaces, curved fireplaces and even unusually shaped fireplaces.
How the Fuego Flame Fireplace Insert Works
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  Fuego Flame fireplaces are manufactured in a small town in Iowa, built by a team of people who care about quality.
A Fuego Flame Fireplace Insert
This is the way a Fuego Flame Fireplace Insert would look installed, if you could see through the
                        masonry surround. This illustration shows the Fuego Flame unit, doors, Screen surround, sealing plate, collar, & straps.
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