I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy we are with our Fuego Fireplace insert. Not only has it been fun to burn wood and sort of "get back to nature", but the family room is a lot more comfortable that it ever has been. No more drafts!

   The unexpected thing that you didn´t tell us about is the savings we have noticed on our gas bill. We were on the level payment plan for the winter of `82 and our monthly payment was $65.00 based on our prior year´s usage. As you will remember, that was also our first year for the Fuego. Well, the Gas Service Co. called in May and asked why our usage was so much less. We told them about the insert and we were told that our level payment plan for this coming winter would only be $35.00 per month!

   I also hadn´t had a chance to tell you of the comments that we have gotten from friends and neighbors about the appearance of our Fuego. Everyone seems to like its simple lines - no boxy cast iron monster to detract from the beauty of the brickwork and the bookcases.

   Stop by when in the neighborhood and warm your toes!"
   Sincerely,   Doug
January, 1984

   "On January 21 of last year you installed a Fuego Seethru Insert in my home. This letter of satisfaction might be overdue, however I wanted to wait a year so I could compare utility bills from the previous year. The results are as follow:

        11/16/82 to 12/16/82 (without insert)
        MCF used 16 base charge $ 83.80

        11/16/83 to 12/16/83 (with insert)
        MCF used 10 base charge $ 47.57

        12/16/82 to 1/17/83 (without insert)
        MCF used 20 base charge $100.00

        12/16/83 to 1/17/84 (with insert)
        MCF used 15 base charge $ 68.40

   I hate to think how much my gas bills would have been had it not been for the insert. I needn´t elaborate any further. Thanks.

   Some fathers carry pictures of their children, I carry my gas bills from last year. Thanks again."
                                                      Sincerely yours, John
October 24, 2004

"Dear Mr. Phillips: In 2000 we started heating our two-story house with the Fuego Fireplace Insert you installed. It worked so well that the following year, we had the gas disconnected at the street, turned off the furnace, and converted everything else to electric!

I estimate that your insert saved us at least $2,000.00 in heating costs since then. Thanks for such a wonderful product."
                               Sincerely, Dan
September 2004 

"I love it! It's as quiet as a summer breeze - no horrible whiny sound from the electric blower... and I've gained on heat!"                       ~ Jenyfer
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October 16 2005:
   "...My father mentioned Fuego as many years ago he had one in our house and he swears by the brand. (It) kept the house incredibly warm...."
~ Kathy
December 15 2004   

   "Dear Ron, We had a Fuego Zero Clearance Fireplace insert installed in our brick/masonry fireplace about 20 years ago... We enjoyed the slow burning flame which pumped a lot of heat into our great room...We could turn down the thermo-stat to the rest of the house and be cozy..."                                                        ~ Susan
December 9 2004 
I"ve had a Fuego flame fireplace in the past and it was a wonderful and economical source of wood heat." 
~ David
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January 9 2005:

Ron, you repaired a gas grill for me at a previous residence a few years back and I made sure to keep your name and number handy because I was very happy with the work you did...."   ~ Brad
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November 15, 2006
   Just a quick note to say thanks again for the Fuego Flame Fireplace Insert. Our gas bills have dropped 25% and I haven't had to buy wood for 2 years. Putting in 2 or 3 pieces of wood lasts 5 hours compared to the regular fireplace that took 5 pieces and lasted an hour. It's Fantastic!   Thanks again.                                                                                    ~ Pat G.
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December 2 2005
"I have a Fuego insert in the living room - I have had this for over 25 years."                                          ~ Mani